Gaiking: LoDM 14

[アニメ DVD] ガイキング LEGEND OF DAIKU-MARYU 第14話 「遊園地バトル!ローサの休日」 (704x396 XviD Vorbis)_001_6621

And I’m back. Damn sub-ninjas.

Instead of releasing Gaiking in batches, I’m just going to release them as soon as they’re finished. I’ll release a batch 2 torrent after a release for ep 26, or maybe just wait for a series batch with potential-V2s.

My next release will either be another episode of Gaiking, the BD for Megazone 23 Part One, or a very heavenly surprise. Expect something soon.

Get the episode here:!0xJwVJQL!MqFKWBrnFkOU2xwTkvy_QS6ikSf2-sFKSJydpcWuUy8