SD Gundam Gaiden DVD 01

[AuraRoad] SD Gundam Gaiden 01.mkv_snapshot_01.19_[2015.11.07_01.38.10]

I was originally going to just release this in a batch, but I’ve been a bit busy lately so I haven’t touched the remaining eps terribly much. I’ve had this sitting on my hard drive for half a month now, so I figured to release  each ep when I’m done with them.

This is my first go at using typesetting that isn’t Aegisub’s default- hopefully it turned out pretty well. Other than that, I basically just took the old [dp] release, transcribed it while fixing names to match the official ones, and retimed it all to a DVD raw.

I picked Gaiden of all things to sub because it recently popped up in SRW. Also the usual fact fantasy + mecha is my shit. Gaiden’s a neat little OVA, being one of those series that popped up in the Dragon Quest-induced JRPG boom.

I might do the other SD Gundam series, at least the ones [dp] subbed, not sure. I’ll at the very least finish Gaiden, and possibly do Sengokuden.

Nyaa: Wait for the batch.


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