SD Gundam Gaiden DVD 01

[AuraRoad] SD Gundam Gaiden 01.mkv_snapshot_01.19_[2015.11.07_01.38.10]

I was originally going to just release this in a batch, but I’ve been a bit busy lately so I haven’t touched the remaining eps terribly much. I’ve had this sitting on my hard drive for half a month now, so I figured to release  each ep when I’m done with them.

This is my first go at using typesetting that isn’t Aegisub’s default- hopefully it turned out pretty well. Other than that, I basically just took the old [dp] release, transcribed it while fixing names to match the official ones, and retimed it all to a DVD raw.

I picked Gaiden of all things to sub because it recently popped up in SRW. Also the usual fact fantasy + mecha is my shit. Gaiden’s a neat little OVA, being one of those series that popped up in the Dragon Quest-induced JRPG boom.

I might do the other SD Gundam series, at least the ones [dp] subbed, not sure. I’ll at the very least finish Gaiden, and possibly do Sengokuden.

Nyaa: Wait for the batch.


Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu – 1-13 (DVD)

Gaiking. Part One! Go!

This show is awesome. Really awesome. One of the best robot anime in the past decade, and honestly possibly one of the best period. But that’s enough fanboying. Nobody’s subbed the DVD release yet, so I figured I might as well do it. Hey, and it lines up with the tenth anniversary, too!

That and it was something I started working on in 2012 after the Hulu subs dropped. Then life got in the way for a few years.

The subs used are mainly the official Hulu release, mixed with scrubbed lines from the TV-N release for missing lines and the OP/ED. I cleaned up the grammar, fixed a few lines, etc. Short of an official western DVD release with a brand new translation, this is the best the show is going to get.

Admittedly the timing on the OP/ED is sloppy as fuck, since I never got around to fixing it and just pasted it directly in from the TV-N subs and didn’t want to go through all 13 eps and make it frame perfect. Sorry, guys.

The first thirteen episodes are here- I’ll be releasing this series in batches of 13 episodes a piece, so there’s going to be two more batches after this.


Ruins Legend Acrobunch 02 and 01 [v2]

[AuraRoad] Ruins Legend Acrobunch 02.mkv_snapshot_02.52_[2015.11.02_13.18.52]

I’m back again with more Acrobunch. Subninjas have really been trying to thwart this from happening this past month, but I won’t bother with the specifics.

Wrapped this up last night after doing some work on another project. I also went back and did a V2 of the first episode to fix a few problems that were bugging me while I was at it.

Either way, hope you enjoy!

Mega folder:!4o43gQoS!i_0if68_5moBBNUN0tGSZQ